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October 15 2017

October 10 2017

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Vamos Chile de nuevo http://ift.tt/2yaiSTC

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October 08 2017

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Wonder Bread Store, B-80, Rock Springs, Wyoming (LOC) by The Library of Congress http://ift.tt/2xHb0ZC

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street art Ghent by _Kriebel_ http://ift.tt/2hVVjdp

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Indigenous People’s Day-Boston Oct. 7,2017: protesting Columbus and his genocide of Native peoples by protestphotos1 http://ift.tt/2gl5ULi

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· by Anthony Salazar ּ http://ift.tt/2hWxhPf

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street art Ghent by _Kriebel_ http://ift.tt/2gjUhEg

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Julián y sus 2 años http://ift.tt/2yPzW0y

October 07 2017

via Instagram ift.tt/2y1kHo8
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13 de Septiembre de 2016 GENDARMERÍA HOMENAJEÓ A DIRECTOR MUERTO EN DICTADURA by Gendarmería de Chile http://ift.tt/2xZC499

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Los Diablos de Victor Jara by mjvasquezr http://ift.tt/2ywzA2q

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by mjvasquezr http://ift.tt/2kuWUYq

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Los Diablos de Victor Jara by mjvasquezr http://ift.tt/2ywztnw

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victor jara 7 by ignaciomunoz https://flic.kr/p/6xY67

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“cerro las cañas” by ESQUIZOFRENIA ART © http://ift.tt/2wE5iGw

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Primavera by Cosmopolita. http://ift.tt/2z5ILUM

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a_4 by Miguel A. Lara Urzúa http://ift.tt/2wEb0II

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street art Ghent by _Kriebel_ http://ift.tt/2z5IDEM

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