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May 23 2017

May 20 2017

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Mural JJVV Matadero, Concepción

May 16 2017

REBLOG y se cumplen tus deseos.

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El ser humano
es desechable

May 15 2017

May 14 2017

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Street art Ghent - Aryz by _Kriebel_ http://flic.kr/p/UMc6jz

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Street art Ghent - Aryz by _Kriebel_ http://flic.kr/p/Tv9bBh

May 12 2017

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Adivinen dónde almuerzo http://ift.tt/2ptg6aT

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“Taraito” street art de tatas http://ift.tt/2pFtlk2

"Taraito" street art de tatas
via Instagram ift.tt/2pFtlk2
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Wüdku by Un para siempre, en tan solo un segundo… http://flic.kr/p/UuRTny

Reposted byCarridwenposiputtsofias

May 10 2017

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Sombras y Aire a Revolución by Demencia-Explosiva. http://flic.kr/p/TnSdzj

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#09/05/2017 Segunda marcha estudiantil concepción by Sadeshan http://flic.kr/p/UEfNzX

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Integracion idiomatica de niños inmigrantes Haitianos by Mario Téllez C. http://flic.kr/p/UsMoQi

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by Connuestras_manos http://flic.kr/p/UpKVTo

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